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In-Mold Labeling and Decorating

In-Mold Labeling and Decorating

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Brand image and consumer safety are key concerns for manufacturers of durable products. The labels used for safety warnings and decoration must last the life of the product and often must withstand harsh conditions. Taylor Communications offers the industry’s only permanent, non-removable label material: Grafilm® in-mold labels.

Grafilm in-mold labels form a mechanical bond to the finished plastic part during the molding process. The resin flows into the micro-porous label material and locks permanently in place. The in-mold label expands and contracts with the material as temperatures rise and fall to prevent thermo shock failures. Grafilm in-mold labels will not peel or fall off. Consumers cannot remove the label after purchase. In fact, the only way to remove Grafilm labels is to grind them off which damages the product and is an obvious sign of tampering.

Taylor Communications offers a full line of tooling and automation equipment to improve in-mold decorating and in-mold label placement as well as cycle time. Our 7-Axis Mobile Labeler is a mobile automation solution that maximizes the return on your investment. Advanced end-of-arm tooling accurately picks and places in-mold labels to reduce scrap parts. Charging units are available to ensure proper registration through the molding process. We offer installation and programming services as well as full training for our customers.


  • Conforms to textures and shapes
  • Utilizes existing molds and tooling
  • Works with all thermoplastics and rubber including: polyolefin, ABS, polycarbonate, PVC, PET, TPO, elastomers, TPE, vinyl, styrene, glass-reinforced nylon, and recycled resins
  • Industry-leading UV and abrasion resistance


  • Provides a secure method of fusing safety messages and decorative elements into your plastic product through a cost-effective, patented process
  • UL-recognized constructions available
  • Works with all thermoplastics and rubber
  • Complements automation for greater throughput with less scrap
  • Conforms to irregular product surfaces that defeat traditional methods of labeling
  • Complies with all child safety regulations for hazardous materials and exceeds FDA requirements for food contact
  • Provides durability and fade resistance
  • Is eco-friendly