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Patient Identity Authentication

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Identity Authentication

Reduce Bad Debt. Deter Fraud. Promote Safer Care.

A patient’s identity is one of the most critical data points in their medical record. Patient safety depends on it and so does hospital cash flow. Sadly, medical identity theft puts both at risk. With identity theft now one of the fastest growing types of fraud, it’s critical that hospitals have a way to help confirm a patient’s identity at admission. This, coupled with a policy to enforce a patient to present a government ID, will reap great benefits for hospital, patient, payer and community.

In addition our stand-alone Patient Identity Authentication Solution enhances accuracy of demographic data by electronically capturing the data from a government-issued ID. Drawing on multiple sources of data, the solution validates identity and current address. Once identity is confirmed, patient demographics can be automatically sent to the ADT system.


  • Convenient scanning of government-issued ID cards
  • Real-time searching of multiple national databases
  • Patient identity authentication and address verification
  • Display of pass/fail report
  • Automatic feed of patient demographic data to ADT system


  • Reduces payer denials and bad debt to improve cash flow
  • Assists in proper financial classification of patients
  • Improves patient registration and billing accuracy by reducing typographical errors
  • Enhances accuracy of patient addresses, reduces returned patient bills
  • Promotes safer patient care, reduces risk of mis-identifying patients with common names
  • Reduces losses due to fraud and protects the hospital’s reputation