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We’re More Than Just a Printer

SR Industrial offers the industry’s only comprehensive national program for design, sourcing and inventory management of printed production parts.  Manufacturers today are forced to do more with less resources, so they need suppliers that can do more than just supply parts.  They need a true partner that brings value to the relationship.

Our comprehensive program enables us to partner with industrial manufacturers and support their global operations through process improvement, cost reduction, and administrative enhancements.

Our professional design team has the ability to work across multiple platforms, including Macintosh, PD and CAD-based systems. We offer full graphic capabilities and electronic cataloging for reorders, ensuring uniformity of all parts.

With competency in more than 30 languages, we can support the global needs of Industrial manufacturers, communicating vital information, such as that found on hazard warning labels, product identification labels, wiring diagrams and other labels. We recognize the importance of message integrity, and concentrate on maintaining the original message for the target culture.

Agency Compliance
Our technical support and design professionals are fully conversant with current ANSI, UL, CSA and various agency compliance requirements. We provide this valuable service to Industrial manufacturers who may lack the internal resources, by providing appropriate symbology, compliant artwork, and engineering drawings and specifications.

Material Analysis
With decades of combined experience, our technical support professionals are experts in the latest materials for printed production parts.  We ensure that the most effective and cost efficient material is used on all functional and decorative labels.

Inventory Management
Our customer service team is made up of specialists who fully understand the needs of Industrial manufacturers.  They understand the form, fit and function of printed production parts, as well as the importance of these parts to the manufacturer’s products.  They assist manufacturers in managing inventory via MRP, EDI, stock agreements or blanket order releases.  They coordinate engineering changes with designers, engineers, production and others, and assist in maintaining the electronic parts catalog. 

Support for Global Manufacturing
With production and distribution facilities in both the US and Mexico, we provide the same level of support to all our customer’s operations, no matter where they are located. 

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