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What is the impact on your organization if the decorative and warning labels on your products do not last the life of the products? Does the variety and type of plastic materials used to manufacture products present a labeling challenge? Is the space available for decorative and safety labels limited due to the profile of your molded parts? Are your products exposed to adverse conditions that could cause the failure of the labels, such as severe natural elements, harsh chemicals or overt attempts to remove the labels?

Taylor Communications Industrial offers a solution for molded parts that is permanent, durable and flexible: In-Mold Labeling and Decorating.

Testimonial: Safety Messaging with In-Mold

"User safety is a huge concern. We want everyone who buys products to have a completely safe experience. That's why it is so important that safety warnings and other information remain legible and easy to read for the life of a product. You can't always get that with labels that peel, scratch or tear. And messages molded into plastic without contrasting color aren't very readable. With [this] system, there can be colorful safety messages that are hard to ignore—and stay that way—helping to protect companies from product liability."

Mark McCarthy, Partner
Tucker & Ellis, a Cleveland law firm specializing in defending manufacturers from product liability actions

Your Branding, Decoration and Safety Messaging on Plastics Parts
Are you concerned about the permanence, durability and flexibility of decorative and warning labels on your plastic parts? In-Mold Labeling and Decorating:

  • Provides a secure method of fusing safety messages and decorative elements into your plastic product through a cost-effective, patented process
  • Requires no costly mold or tooling changes
  • Works with all thermoplastics and rubber
  • Compliments automation for greater throughput with less scrap
  • Conforms to irregular product surfaces that defeat traditional methods of labeling
  • Complies with all child safety regulations for hazardous materials and exceeds FDA requirements for food contact
  • Is competitively priced
  • Provides durability and fade-resistance
  • Is eco-friendly

Permanent, Durable and Flexible
Do you need an ideal solution for your decorative, branding and safety labels that enhances the appearance of your durable plastic parts while reducing the risk of label failure? In-Mold Labeling and Decorating provides your labels with permanence, durability and flexibility.


  • Provides safety messaging and decoration that won’t fall off and can’t be removed by the end-user
  • Lasts the lifetime of the product
  • Offers on-going value to customers through logos, brand names and decorative trim


  • Withstands harsh conditions and rough handling
  • Provides excellent fade resistance
  • Stands up to harsh chemical exposure


  • Conforms to textures and shapes
  • Utilizes existing molds and tooling
  • Works with all thermoplastics and rubber, including:
    • Polyolefin
    • ABS
    • Polycarbonate
    • PVC
    • PET
    • TPO
    • TPE
    • Elastomers
    • Vinyl
    • Glass-reinforced nylon
    • Styrene
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