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Advancing Innovation

Would you like to expand your market, increase sales and grow top line revenue?

Innovation SubmissionWhether you are a current partner/supplier looking to increase your business with Taylor Communication, or a prospective supplier hoping to do business with us in the future, we can provide you with great opportunities to grow your business and increase your market share.  If you are innovative but lack the resources to make your dreams a reality, we can help!

Taylor Communication is continually looking for ways to expand our portfolio of products, services, and solutions.  We are interested in learning about commercialized solutions your company may offer that align with our new strategy of advancing our customers’ reputations.  We are also interested in partnering with you to take new products, services or solutions to market.  Additionally, Taylor Communication is interested in products, services or solutions that support sustainability initiatives and protect the environment.

Taylor Communication is trusted by the world's leading companies to advance their reputations by aligning communications with corporate standards and priorities.  Providing market-specific insights and a compelling portfolio of solutions to address the changing business landscape in healthcare, commercial and industrial markets, Taylor Communication is the recognized leader in the management and execution of mission-critical communications.  It is important that your submissions align with and complement this new strategy. 

If you have further questions about our new strategy, visit our Company page or refer to our recent press release, “Taylor Communication Launches New Corporate Strategy.

How can you help us build and protect our customers’ reputations? • How can we work together to create innovation? • How can we further sustainability initiatives and reduce environmental impact? • How can your solutions revolutionize the markets we serve? • How can we ensure quality and guarantee excellence of our offerings? Submit your innovative solutions now!